• Washed in lightness by CLittleStudio 2013
  • Venus_and_Adonis by CLittleStudio 2012
  • Brain_Pillar_Installation_CLittleStudio 2003
  • June 21st by CLittle Studio 2001

BRAIN DRAWINGS 2001 – 2013

Washed In The Lightness Of Being Alive, 2013
A Feast of Taste, 2012
Hot and Cold, architectural installation and mixed media, 2003
June 21st, 1999, mixed media, 2002

I have been working on the brain series since 2001 inspired by the science that we only new how 4% of the brain functioned. Now we know about 10%. Each piece ranges in scale but they are all highly detailed and and have invented a layered graphite technique to develop the drawings.
The latest piece Washed In the Lightness of Being Alive was a piece I completed in 2013 as part of the exhibition entitled ‘Extended Dissent Is No Long Goodbye’ at Slow Gallery. A Feast of Taste is part of a touring exhibition entitled As You Like It. The Brain Series is part of a long term drawing project  exploring the relationship between the brain and the body. The Brain Series is a collection of work that was originally produced for the Canonbury Gallery, London in 2003. The installation involved building architectural components such at the pillar and installing mixed media elements onsite. The work began by using the brain as a metaphor for a labyrinth and investigating the relationship between the body and the brain. It was at a time when a lot of female artists who were in the lime light were producing work that portrayed woman as hysterical subjects. The Brain series was a reaction to this portrayal and the perpetual negative representation of women. Ann Infield, the art critic wrote an essay about the installation that was included in a hand made catalog that accompanied the exhibition.