Islands in the Sky by CLittleStudio 2014

Islands in the Sky, Wicker Park Fest, Air Pockets curated by Dfbrl8r on July 26 & 27, 2014
Performers: Yuri Lane, Alana Parekh and Nora Sharp
Photo by Jamie Gannon

This was a public interactive that was performed at Wicker Park Fest for two days and in Buttercup Park in Uptown on August 22, 2014. I worked with Alana and Nora to create the characters utilizing laban techniques in rehearsal. The performance worked in four parts and you can see the video here. This piece part of the larger whole city project City Alive With Dreams.

For Children Everywhere, 2013
Life On Stage, 2013
A Taste of Honey, 2012

I was invited to give a lecture by Fereshteh Toosi at Chicago Cultural Center on April 3rd, 2013 about Multisensory Art Practice. The panel of invited speakers decided it would be great to create an experience of the work while attending the lecture. I invited Dream Mind Participants to write their poems on the pavement and then once inside the lecture invited participants to stand up and read their favorite lines from each poem as part of the lecture.

A swarm of flies cloud the skies to consume their fate/ I weave a trance around the trees to the lyrical music evaporating the sound of death. (Dream Mind Interview no. 17)
The sacred key of ecstasy and orgasmic health/ Opened the door to everything that is part of me. (Dream Minds Interview No. 21)

  • Chemical Queens by CLittle Studio 2011
  • Chemical Queens by CLittle Studio 2011
  • Chemical Queens by CLittle Studio 2011
  • Chemical Queens by CLittle Studio 2011
  • Chemical Queens by CLittle Studio 2011
  • Chemical Queens by CLittle Studio 2011

Chemical Queens
Curated by Jessica Hannah and Ania Greiner
Defibrillator, March 2011

Performed by Carron Little and Holly Stotler

I devised this performance to explore issues of food consumption. This subject has been a big issue for me having grown up allergic to cow’s milk and nearly died if it hadn’t been discovered by an American doctor when I was 18months old. This performance was a direct response to moving back to America and noticing a big difference in the taste of the same food products. For example tinned kidney beans taste more sweeter in America than they do in Britain.

I devised an interactive performance that encouraged the public to think about their body and food consumption. I sculpted fingers out of marzipan and people fed each other asking questions such as with or without icing? Stranger to stranger, lover to lover the table of participants and fed each other concoctions through a series of three  courses.

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