Carron performs as queen of luxuria devising interactive experiences that fuse poetry and performance. She organizes Out of Site Chicago, a public performance program that presents dance and performance art in urban space. As queen of luxuria, she works in a ‘palette of utopia’ that is defined by a visual aesthetic inspired by her childhood experience moving between the dystopic environment of Easterhouse, Glasgow (a housing project) and the Isle of Iona, an island off the west coast of Scotland (a religious community). The interactive experiences often involve the exchange of a gift offered to the public in the form of a painting, sculpture or poem. In moving her work online in the pandemic she has created digital worlds utilizing queen of luxuria artwork holding sacred to the concept of the live performance.

The leading questions of her performance research stems from humanist concerns of what does utopia look like? How can we construct modern day utopias thinking about love, care, and community? Inspired by philosophy, mathematical systems and a daily movement practice Carron is currently investigating the links between the body and space | place. All of her practice is integrated where the costumes inspire the fine art paintings that construct the digital visual worlds defining the aesthetic space for live performance.

In moving Out of Site online in 2020 Carron has facilitated a creative platform for Out of Site alumni artists to access and present their work. In training all the artists to live stream working in collaboration with Experimental Sound Studio (ESS) she invited artists to collaborate internationally connecting Chicago artists with artists in Israel, France, Switzerland, Spain and Canada. In working as a collective community where decisions are made by consensus we are focused on expanding the dialogue around public performance and public dance practices.

In addition, to collaborating with Experimental Sound Studio to live stream dance collaborations and public performance Carron has a long term collaborative practice with Berlin-based artist, Daniela Ehemann creating digital performances and video works.

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