Here/Hear, ZeiT by Daniela Ehemann and Carron Little, Berlin Performing Arts Festival, June 8, 2018
Daniela Ehemann and Carron Little have been collaborating since 2013. Their first performance was a skype performance between Berlin and Chicago. They have been continuing to evolve their collaborative practice creating their latest work for the Berlin Performing Arts Festival. To learn more about our collaborative projects please visit:

A Hitchhike To Utopia by Daniela Ehemann and Carron Little

Do not forget your towel! The performance A Hitchhike To Utopia was an evolution of the performance entitled “Cities of a Floating World” developing a resort of otherness. Dealing with the ideas of an “occupied space” in an urban context with specific reference to Chicago and Berlin “occupied” with modernist architecture and forms, this performance developed a resort for utopian architectural ideas. “Female Drag Queen Moon Rackers” worked through occurring structures as well as surprising happenings. The Female Drag Queen Moon Rackers performed whilst sitting on two islands and found a way to adapt new forms of thinking about our cityscapes with the audience. Hitchhike to Utopia transported the viewer through experiences of unreal scenes in the middle of urban Chicago to create new models for co-existence.

This was a three hour durational public performance for Brave New Art World curated by Dfbrl8r on September 5 2013

  • Hitchhike to Utopia CLittle Studio 2014 in collaboration with Daniela Ehemann
  • Hitchhike to Utopia CLittle Studio 2014 in collaboration with Daniela Ehemann

What hurts your eyes?

On May 4, 2013 Daniela Ehemann and Carron Little embarked on creating an simultaneous interactive performance with two audiences one in Chicago at 6018North and one in Berlin at The Institute of Infinite Possibilities. We were interested in creating a dialogue between the two cities about how each city would like to re-imagine itself and what are the important issues facing each city and what are the possible solutions. We created an installation with tables, projectors and spaces both digital and real to create the feeling that each audience was around the same table.
The conversation that arose between the audience in Berlin and Chicago was fascinating.The Americans were very abstract in their ideas and hopes compared to the Germans who expressed concerns about tourism. The Queen of Luxuria questioned this opinion by asking ‘Do you have a problem with Tourism or Immigration?’
Daniela and Carron continue to collaborate questioning the problems facing Berlin and Chicago in an urban context.