City Alive with Dreams Performance by CLittle Studio 2015

City Alive with Dreams, 2014 – 2015
The Queen of Luxuria performing at Episcopal Church of the Advent, Logan Square on February 8, 2015
Photo by Emily Esperanza

The Manifesto of The Queen of Luxuria

-To create a transformative experience for all who participate in her performances
-To create a profound experience for people on a deep emotional level
-To create a profound intellectual experience for the public who participate
-To transport people to a place where luxury exists
-To enhance the quality of life for everyone participating

This documentation is from the interactive public performance City Alive with Dreams. The Queen of Luxuria was invited to produce the finale performance for 2nd Floor Rear Festival. The public were invited into a candle lit church and were surrounded by the angelic singing of Tricia Van Eck and Richard Blakeney singing Concrete Utopia. The public were invited to sign up and receive a thai head massage with Nora Sharp, Jessica Kearney, Alana Parekh or Aurora Tabor. They were then escorted by Amy Sinclair and Emberly Sinclair to meet with the Queen of Luxuria who interpreted their dream into poetic form. After receiving their poetic phrase the public were taken to Natalia Nicholson and Dan Godston in the basement of the Church who transformed the poetry into music.

The public shared that they “felt relaxed and refreshed ready for Monday” after the performance. Another person commented that it was the: “Perfect way to end the evening feeling optimistic rather than feeling the ‘Sunday Blues’.” Other people expressed “That was magical.” and one person proclaimed “That now I know the meaning of luxury!”

For more information about this project please check out the video.