In Search of Utopia? (Painting Backward Series) 2020

In 2008 when I began performing as queen of luxuria I embarked on a visual practice that complimented the ethos of my work in creating the persona. The first body of visual work by queen of luxuria takes the negative shapes of the costumes to create painting and patterns. These have been exhibited in a solo exhibition at Ridge Historical Society in 2016 and an exhibition with Dave Richards at Slow Gallery in 2013.

The current body of sculpture, paintings, prints, and collages has evolved out of the Spare Rib Revisited project where I’m building a visual archive that is activated by the poetry I have written for each woman and women-identified person. An interactive sculpture where the public are invited to unwhind the text stitched into a long line of handprinted fabric was exhibited at Woman Made gallery in Chicago in 2019. One of the five new trompe l’oeil paintings were exhibited at Alpineum Gallery, Lucerne, Switzerland in December 2019. Carron’s current prints and paintings were utlized to build digital spaces in
her most recent performance In Eight Acts on November 22, 2020 with Field Chicago on Experimental Sound Studios twitch channel. This current body of work is analyzing mathematical systems to investigate ideas of equity.