2020-11-22 In8ActsCL7

In Eight Acts by queen of luxuria
Live Stream Performance November 22, 2020
with Field Chicago on Experimental Sound Studio quarantine concert series

In Eight Acts is a poem written in nine stanzas that I finished the week of the US election. Through experimentation in Field Chicago I developed the poem into a live stream performance using paintings and prints to develop the digital aesthetic of each space for each stanza along with animated transitions and layered effects. The poem was refined and adapted in rehearsals and the performance was created in a process of digital collage.

The performance is a celebration of living while also acknowledging the darkness we have to struggle with in order to stay positive. Harlan Rosen kindly said the queen of luxuria was a “webpunk woodland digital ghost sprite and all of that.” which is such a wonderful phrase. This performance was created at a moment in the history of the US when we had lived through nine months of pandemic, the ramifications of systemic racism and political precarity that we have endured. This performance was created to provide a light to people in these bleak times.