City Alive with Dreams Performance by CLittle Studio 2015

City Alive with Dreams by queen of luxuria, 2nd Floor Rear Festival at Episcopal Church of the Advent, Logan Square on February 8, 2015
Photo by Emily Esperanza

Weekly Performances starting April 8,2020

Starting April 8, 2020 I decided to create weekly interactive performances through zoom drawing inspiration from my archive of artwork. In the performance on April 17 participants came to visit the Bridgeview Bank virtually meeting the curator and performers. We then studied the racial, gender pay enquity and I guided each participant through the mathematical process of calculating what people hadn’t received during their working life. Each participant received a check from queen of luxuria in the mail.

I took a week off during the production of Out of Site’s live streaming event I organized in collaboration with Experimental Sound Studio. I extended the break to reflect on the current situation in America and the systemic violence inflicted upon Black & Brown communities across the USA. It seemed an imperative moment to present the vital work of Women Mobilized for Change who were a women’s collective in Chicago from 1966 to 1974. In presenting their important work and their vital contribution to society that has informed the cultural legacy of Chicago it is vital to talk about process and how we shape the narrative. It was vital to shape this process through collaboration while centering black Women and Native American Women’s stories front and center.

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