Cities of a Floating World by Daniela Ehemann and Carron Little, 2013

On May 4, 2013 Daniela Ehemann and Carron Little embarked on creating an simultaneous interactive performance with two audiences one in Chicago at 6018North and one in Berlin at The Institute of Infinite Possibilities. We were interested in creating a dialogue between the two cities about how each city would like to re-imagine themselves and what were the important issues facing each city and what solutions could we come up with. We created a situation with tables, projectors and spaces digital and real to create the feeling that each audience was around the same table.

The conversation that arose was fascinating in terms of the different responses between each city the Americans were very abstract in their ideals and hopes compared to the Germans who expressed concerns of their city becoming overwhelmed by tourists. The Queen of Luxuria – questioned this opinion by asking ‘Do you have a problem with Tourism or Immigration?’ A person from Berlin expressed the need to restrict tourists to certain neighborhoods. We found this position highly problematic in the Chicago audience and one of the ¬†audience members who was from Berlin responded by using a black marker to define the black and grey areas and described the situation as ‘the hipster problematic’.