Three Performances for Uptown 2013 to 2015
Unto Each Their Own Safe + More at the Bridgeview Bank (2013), 4753 North Broadway Ave on October 19 & 20 for Open House Chicago.
Performers: Meghan Moe Beitiks, Olive Stefanski, Natalia Nicholson and Carron Little
Islands in the Sky at Buttercup Park (2014)
Performers: Nora sharp, Alana Parehk, Jessica Kearney
LOVE over MONEY at Buttercup Park (2015)
Nora Sharp, Amy Sinclair, LaMar Gayles and Carron Little
Curated by Eden Unluata
Photos by Joanna Matuszak and Jamie Gannon

The Queen of Luxuria was invited by curator Eden Unluata to create a performance for Bridgeview Bank for Open House Chicago. 5 Artists/ 5 Stories in 2013. It was supported by Uptown United to celebrate the unique architecture of the neighborhood. This interactive performance was created for members of the public passing through a bank. The Queen of Luxuria was accompanied by Meghan Moe Beitiks, Natalia Nicholson and Olive Stefanski as ‘Ladies of the Bank’. The Queen of Luxuria interviewed forty people over the two days and wrote each person a check evaluating the wealth each person should have received in their lifetime to date. For example, if a woman was being interviewed she calculated the number of working years and the discrepancy of how much a woman earns compared to her male counterparts. If a person revealed they were unhappy at work she gave them an extra $80,000 to take a year off and give someone the independence to do and create what they really wanted to do. If someone was unhappy in life she gave them an extra $20.000 to take a good holiday or treat themselves well every month. If a person earn under $80,000 she also made up the difference. The Queen of Luxuria has collated the data and will be releasing the statistics in a different art form.

In 2014 Eden invited me to curate a piece for Buttercup Park. I was working on a project called City Alive with Dreams and was also touring a performance called Islands in the Sky which I performed at Ragdale and Wicker Park Art Fest. This piece was structured for more public interaction and was scored in three parts: A Dream Garden made out of public dreams written on the performer’s bodies; Dream poetry created out of the words of a Dream Mind poem written by Carron and transformed into music on the spot by Yuri Lane.

Uptown loved the piece so much and loved the engagement with the public bringing all walks of life together so they invited me back for a third year. As the last part of the trilogy I combined the two previous performances together to explore how we value art in our lives. I had everybody from a contemporary art collector to young people enthralled by the work. Over the year I built 24 sculptures inspired by the public dreams we collected on the costumes of my performers. The public could then go through a process of getting a check based on the principles of 2013 and then come to me to buy a public dream sculpture. I was hoping that people who came to the first performance in 2013 would bring their checks and one person did. The piece again addressed how we value art and the value of the market.