Documentary on City Alive with Dreams 2014 – 2015
Choir: Richard Blakeney, Christian Cruz, Dan Godston, Graham Nelson, Lisa Kortschak, Sara Zalek, Tanner Spears,
Tricia Van Eck
Performers: Nora Sharp, Alana Parekh, Jessica Kearney, Natalia Nicholson, Olive Stefanski, Amy Sinclair and Emberley Sinclair
Stage Management: Andrew Meyler
Videographers: Jamie Gannon, Ralph Kuehne and Laura Moore
The performance was created by Carron Little who wrote all the music and poetry and edited the video

Carron Little has been performing as The Queen of Luxuria since 2008 when she created a performance for the Whitechapel Art Gallery entitled A Transmission from the Land of Luxuria. The philosophy of The Queen of Luxuria is to create transformative experiences for the public who participate in her performances. Writing poetry has been a liberating experience for the artist when she first started writing in 2004. Since 2010 she has been creating participatory performances where the public can come and share their stories, their innermost fears and desires and she transforms it into poetry. She has found this to be a liberating and transformative experience for the public. Working on Dream Minds and City Alive With Dreams has enabled her to create a toolkit where she combines poetry with performance creating space to tell other people’s stories and transform it into song.

City Alive With Dreams was supported by Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events. Big thanks to Shoshona Currier, Brandon Allen and Barbara Koenen for helping to facilitate this project to come alive!