Spare Rib Revisited Participants by CLittle Studio 2016

Participants from left to right: Claudia Bucher, Heidi Rebsamen, Laura Laeser,
Hilda Weiss, Othella Dallas, Blerta Berisha, Abilasa Leuenberger and Verena Haeller


In 2016 I was commissioned by the Swiss Benevolent Society of Chicago and Chicago Sister Cities¬†to create a public art project for the City of Lucerne. I proposed to interview eight women from the ages of 20 to 100 inspired by Confucius philosophy. I interviewed the women from June to July, wrote poetry and am working on an exhibition of sculptures inspired by each woman’s poem for an exhibition in October, 2016 at Preston Bradley Center curated by Eden Unluata.

I was inspired to do this project after Barack Obama invited three UN Delegates to come to the US to investigate the quality of life for women in America. They presented their findings in the spring of 2016 and their findings were grim. They discussed the lack of childcare provision, healthcare and wage equality for women in America impacting a heightened rate of poverty in the female population compared to our European counterparts. Having moved from London, UK to Chicago, USA I am highly aware of the economic impact. My hope is to be supported to develop this project in five sister cities related to Chicago and culminate in an operatic, experimental performance.

To find out more about the residency and what I did in Switzerland please read the report: CarronLittle_LucerneReport

This project was kindly supported by the Swiss Benevolent Society of Chicago and Chicago Sister Cities.

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