WMC Ensemble by CLittle Studio 2016










WMC Ensemble Directed by Karen Yates, Choreography by Cristal Sabbagh and Written by Carron Little
Performers: Kathryn Berghoff, Monica J. Brown, Jackie Colquitt, Xyla Gatilao and Jilli Woods
Videography by Carrie Ruckel & Ife Olatunji
Photography by Jamie Gannon
Sound by Anthony Lachus

Women Mobilized for Change 1966 to 1974 was inspired by the poem I wrote for Norma Flynn in the Neighborhood Magic project. She answered the call in the local newspaper Beverly Review and when I sat down to interview her she had an amazing story being involved in the Civil Rights Movement and was one of the original members of Women Mobilized for Change who formed in 1966 after a meeting with Coretta Scott King. This diverse group of women came from all parts of Chicagoland area and this summer we put a group of women together to tell their story. The script was structured on the poem I had written and research and interviews with other living members of the group. After interviewing Norma I started to research this women’s collective and there was very little information about the group. So we put together an Ensemble of women from diverse parts of Chicagoland and toured different parks in Chicago throughout August 2016. We have also put together a group of women who are making a documentary and our hope is to launch this on Saturday March 4, 2017.

For more information about this project and how we came together please visit the blog at womenmobilizedforchange.tumblr.com

We are thankful to Chicago Park District for their kind support of this project.